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Introducing the Card

Your gift card offers a variety of benefits including:

More Opportunities to Shop!
Your gift card is accepted most everywhere Visa®/Mastercard Debit is accepted. No regular department store card or gift certificate can match that.

Unmatched Peace of Mind
Unlike cash or checks, if your gift card is lost or stolen, it can be replaced quickly for the unspent amount.

No Hassles or Waiting
There are no deposit forms to fill out or bank lines to wait in - just activate the card (online or by phone) and start shopping!

That Personal Touch
Instead of some "Fill-in-the-blank" gift certificate, your gift card will arrive with the recipient's name right on the card and your own personalized message included.

And They Are More Than Just Great Gifts
Your gift cards can also be used for family members going off to college, for kids' allowances or for just about any occasion that requires having access to money.
Your gift card is convenient and easy-to-use. It's a whole new way to give and receive.

Want to Shop Online?
Register Your Card by Logging in, Go to Account Activities, Choose “Edit Profile” from the Drop Down Menu, and add your full address so that online/phone retailers can perform their required address verification.