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Introducing the Card

It's Just What They Want

One Gift Fits All!

You have received the perfect gift. With the SECU Visa® Gift Card, you have the flexibility to choose your own gift. You can use your Gift Card to make purchases online, by phone, or in person at most of the merchants that accept Visa Debit.

How does it work?
To activate your card online, log in by entering your 16 digit card number and the 3 digit security code (CVV2) on the back of the card. The last 4 digits of the phone number is NOT a required field until the card has been registered. Once logged in, you will find the Activate Card option under the Account Activities Menu. Your Personal Identification Number (PIN) will be displayed after activation. You may also call the toll free number listed on the back of the card to activate and obtain a PIN. You can use the card as many times as you would like until the balance of the card is depleted. As your card is used, the amount of the purchase is automatically deducted from the available balance. When the balance is reduced to zero, you can keep the card as a memento of your gift or destroy and discard it. If the card is lost or stolen with a balance remaining, you can cancel the card and order a replacement. There is an $8.00 fee to replace a lost or stolen card.

How do I purchase a Gift Card?
Gift Cards are available in all SECU branches for any amount between $20 and $500 at a cost of $2.00 per card. Gift card orders can also be placed online through Member Access. The fee for issuance and handling of each card purchased online is $3.50.

Give a little gift that will go over big!